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Christmas Fruit Cake Tips

November 15th, 2011


Fruit cake is an instant reminder of the Christmas season. We serve them to our guests during special occasions, and enjoy receiving them under Christmas trees. Every family has its own traditional version, and that’s why there are several recipes.


Christmas fruit cakes’ major ingredients are bits of candied and dried fruits and various nuts soaked in liquor, usually brandy or rum. This high alcohol content means that fruit cakes last for a long, long time. provides us with some useful tips on how to prepare Christmas fruit cake. Check out the list below:

  1. Try experimenting with various dried or candied fruits to discover the perfect combination for you.
  2. If the fruit cake will be served to kids, you may substitute fruit juices for alcohol while soaking the fruits. However, expect a shorter shelf life.
  3. If using liquor, keep the cake inside the refrigerator for about three weeks to allow the flavor to “ripen” before serving.
  4. It’s easier to slice the fruit cake while it’s cold, using a thin knife.
  5. While baking, place the loaf pan on a tray half-filled with hot water. This will prevent the cake from over-browning.

Christmas fruit cakes are best shared with friends and loved ones. Consider it a family heirloom, and pass your “secret” recipe to other generations!

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