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The Skinny on Slim Christmas Trees

November 1st, 2011


Ticonderoga Pencil tree



Everyone wants a full, thick Christmas tree. However, when space is a limitation, getting a huge tree is obviously not very ideal. Even if your space is small, you can still have a tree – In the form of slim Christmas trees!


The slim shape of these trees exudes a more modern look, which opens up a wide range of decorating possibilities. Whether you prefer old ornaments and family pictures, or you want to be experimental by using wild colors and unusual themes, this type of Christmas tree is just right for you. I’ve seen people used stuffed toys, real fruits, ribbons and laces on their slim trees. Exaggerate on the ornaments or be subtle if you wish. From conservative to flamboyant, the slim Christmas tree can easily adapt to your preference.


Best places for a slim Christmas trees:

–          In a corner

–          In front of the window, just like a full-size Christmas tree!

–          A pair to flank an entryway

–          At the foot of the stairs

–          As part of a holiday display


The perfect solution to add Christmas cheer in the tightest spots (or simply as accents to other decor!) the slim Christmas tree is an excellent, all-around choice.

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