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Top 3 Reasons to Get an Artificial Christmas Tree

November 17th, 2011

The great Holiday debate between real and artificial Christmas trees has been a classic discussion for many years. Both types of trees have their pros and cons. In recent years, artificial trees are becoming safer and more natural looking. These changes have been greatly influenced by advancing technology and consumer demand for better artificial trees. Below are top 3 reasons why it is better to pick an artificial Christmas tree.


  1. Convenience. The artificial Christmas tree is convenient in more ways than one! After the holiday season, it can be easily stored in a box in the attic or storage room. The following year, you can just simply retrieve it from the storage space, unpack it, and reassemble it. Visiting the tree farm every year is no longer necessary.
  2. Low-maintenance. Unlike real trees, artificial trees do not require high maintenance. No regular watering is needed. Cleaning is also minimal because there are no falling needles. Real trees demand more care and attention to maintain its freshness throughout the holiday season.
  3. Economics. Artificial trees are obviously more expensive than real trees. However, if you compute the cost of real trees and all the expenses that goes with it (such as travel cost) as they accumulate over the years, you certainly save more money with artificial trees in the long run.


There are so many other good reasons why artificial tree is the perfect choice for any home, but it is always the buyer’s prerogative which Christmas tree he will choose. Just keep in mind that the benefits of artificial trees can be enjoyed season after season.

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