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Fun Christmas Eve Activities

Many families have their own Christmas traditions ranging from the mundane to the downright wacky – all of which make for a memorable Christmas. For kids, Christmas means turning in early on Christmas eve, just so they can open their presents sooner. Before you let your kids turn in on Christmas Eve, however, why not […]

Infographic: History of the Christmas Tree

We have a great new infographic on our site, about the History of the Christmas tree!  Thanks to this Christmas tree infographic, you can take a trip through the history of the Christmas tree. From its simple beginnings in 15th century Latvia to its portrayal in beloved children’s classics, from the tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center to […]

10 Simple Holiday Cleanup Tips

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, and to mitigate craziness, it’s best to plan and organize the home right before the season starts.   Amy Brantley, contributing writer of the Associate Content from Yahoo!, offers ten great tips on planning a mess-free holiday.   Tip #1: Go with an […]

Beyond Red and Green: Color Choices for Holiday Decorating

    Holiday decorating evolves each year and the classic red and green of Christmas has lost its monopoly on color choices of holiday decor. Holiday decorating is not always all about the reds and greens; it’s all about what complements your taste… Irrespective of color.   1.  For instance, natural dark browns are romantic […]

Summer Christmas Punch

Who says you can’t have a pineapple punch during the Christmas season? This Pineapple Mint Punch quenches thirst with a sprinkle of minty holiday cheer in every serving.   Super Food Ideas (via shares a refreshing summer treat that is also perfect for serving at holiday parties, sipping around the Christmas tree. To be […]