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10 Simple Holiday Cleanup Tips

December 20th, 2011

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, and to mitigate craziness, it’s best to plan and organize the home right before the season starts.


Amy Brantley, contributing writer of the Associate Content from Yahoo!, offers ten great tips on planning a mess-free holiday.


Tip #1: Go with an Artificial Tree. Natural trees are messy and require daily maintenance. Artificial Christmas trees require absolutely nothing of you.


Tip #2: Skip the Tinsel. Like pine needles, tinsel tends to fall off the tree as the season closes. Choose other sparkly accessories instead, such as colorful beads. They give the same amount of shimmer without the mess.


Tip #3: Use Foil Wrapping Paper. It’s less messy than paper.


Tip #4: Measure Wrapping Paper before Cutting It. This allows for maximum gain from wrapping paper and saves a mess.


Tip #5: Use Gift Bags Whenever Possible. Easier and faster gift wrapping, mess-free opening, and reusable. Result: zero cleanup.


Tip #6: Pass Around Trash Bags. When the wrapping paper is flying during present time, grab it and throw it directly into the trash bag.


Tip #7: Cleanup As You Go. When preparing food in the kitchen, cleanup before beginning the next recipe. This prevents the dishes from piling up.


Tip #8: Skip the Big Breakfast. Instead of preparing another large meal for breakfast, buy some pastries from the bakery and fresh fruits from the supermarket. This way, you don’t have to add extra load to your dishwashing task.


Tip #9: Use Disposable Pans. When baking, use disposable pans instead. Toss them after use. No more washing!


Tip #10: Serve Bottled Drinks. Just like the disposable pans, bottles can be easily recycled afterward. This too cuts down on dishes.

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