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Beyond Red and Green: Color Choices for Holiday Decorating

December 15th, 2011



Holiday decorating evolves each year and the classic red and green of Christmas has lost its monopoly on color choices of holiday decor. Holiday decorating is not always all about the reds and greens; it’s all about what complements your taste… Irrespective of color.


1.  For instance, natural dark browns are romantic during the winter. Dark chocolate hues of natural wood are good for fireplace mantels. A combination of natural browns, auburns or taupe may be great for your holiday wreaths and Christmas tree decor.  Incorporate the pine cones, roasted chestnuts and rustic touches to add warmth to your home.


2.  Metallics are stylish every season, and adding shine and sparkle against a neutral background is fun without being flashy. Metallic jewel stones, when discerningly combined with other plain natural pieces like stones and branches, really look wonderful. Amethyst, jade and fuchsia are a loaded mishmash that is festive yet elegant. For a big splash of metallic color, choose a Christmas tree made of metallic material and decorate it with an assortment of dark, medium and light metallic Christmas balls and ornaments.


3.  Depending on the color of your interiors, a contrasting color scheme may be ideal. If your home is full of loud colors like reds, blues or bright yellows, you don’t need to invest much on colorful ornaments. A monochromatic, neutral or earthly color theme may be perfect.


4.  If you have red walls, it is not mandatory to go red and green all the way.  A hip marine theme may look great with your interiors.  Instead of pine cones and other classic embellishments, use white seashells and starfish as your Christmas tree ornaments, or a large piece of coral as your centerpiece, and connect pearl garlands around your tree.


5.  It’s always safe to use natural materials. Apples, pears, seagrass, raffia, pine cones, and wood provide a gorgeous country version of holiday decor.  Complete the look by incorporating evergreen trees to your interior design.


Color plays a significant role in creating a holiday ambiance, so be bold and play with colors to suit your tastes and soothe your senses.

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