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Fun Christmas Eve Activities

December 22nd, 2011

Many families have their own Christmas traditions ranging from the mundane to the downright wacky – all of which make for a memorable Christmas. For kids, Christmas means turning in early on Christmas eve, just so they can open their presents sooner.

Before you let your kids turn in on Christmas Eve, however, why not come up with some activities that can begin your own Christmas family tradition? Here are a few suggestions:

Instead of putting of all your gifts under the tree, have a smaller, separate gift for your kids hidden somewhere in the house. You can make it like a treasure hunt by giving them a few clues to find their presents.

For a solemn celebration, the family can gather around the fireplace, and read the story of Jesus’ birth, right from the Bible.  The Christmas story can be found in the book of Luke, Chapter 2. Surrounded by your decorated tree and your artificial wreaths, you will truly feel the spirit of Christmas!

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