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Merry Christmas in Different Languages

One of your close friends is celebrating his Christmas in Japan, and you want to impress him by greeting him “Merry Christmas” in Japanese. How do you say it? And what about your friends in Russia, Italy, and Malaysia? Below is a list of ways to say Merry Christmas in some of the popular languages […]

Pine Scents for Your Artificial Christmas Tree

  As soon as the Christmas season kicks in, many homeowners  get in a yuletide frenzy over decorating their homes. Some like to change it up every year and others like to get nostalgic with décor. People use a variety of  decorations the same way they always do; with garlands, wreaths and swags. This is […]

When to Put Up Your Christmas Tree

As the holiday season approaches, people are anxious to begin decorating their homes with wreaths, garlands, ornaments, lights, and of course, the stars of the show – Christmas trees. Some people put them up as soon as Thanksgiving is over, while others start once the family is complete. Did you know that there are some […]

Christmas Tree Market’s Top 3 Colored Christmas Trees

Tired of the usual green Christmas trees? Express your creative, wild side this holiday with these flashy and colorful artificial Christmas trees from Christmas Tree Market!   Specially created for more daring folks, these Christmas trees explode in colorful splendor. Check out below the top three colored Christmas trees.   Ashley Red Christmas Tree. The […]