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Pine Scents for Your Artificial Christmas Tree

December 8th, 2011


As soon as the Christmas season kicks in, many homeowners  get in a yuletide frenzy over decorating their homes. Some like to change it up every year and others like to get nostalgic with décor. People use a variety of  decorations the same way they always do; with garlands, wreaths and swags. This is to keep with tradition, as the familiarity of objects brings warm thoughts from the past. Studies show, however, that the sense of smell is the most effective way to trigger memories.


Christmases are always full of scents and we are often unaware of them being planted in our memories. Think about it the next time you smell something familiar – you find yourself suddenly remembering particular scenes or people. With Christmas, it could be the burning logs in the fireplace, freshly cut Christmas trees, or the mouth watering feast that awaits us on Christmas Eve.


If you feel like reminiscing, try using fresh, crisp holiday pine cones when decorating. You can sew pine potpourri  into miniature balls you can hang on Christmas trees. You can also put up some pine-scented incense. These are but small instructions on getting your home ready for Christmas. Remember that the reason for the season is sharing, and what better way to do that than by creating memories – through scents.

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