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Christmas Decoration with House Plants

January 24th, 2012

This Christmas, decorate your home with house plants!

There are many ways to make use of your house plants as holiday décor. By simply following these pointers, you too can have a festive home!

Low Plants and Tables

You can easily transform your dining table or coffee table into a holiday centerpiece by placing your low potted plant in the center, and surround it with nuts. To add effect, paint the nuts with egg white, and lightly dust with caster sugar to create a “frosted” look.

Line Up Your Windows

Make good use of your matching flowers in miniature pots by lining them up on your window sill with pine cones or candles to give it a welcoming Christmas atmosphere.

Fireplace Flora

Green and red is Christmas’s color palette, so spruce up your fireplace by placing a large plant in the center. If possible, line the mantelpiece with ivy and holly. This will create a gorgeous Christmas backdrop perfect for your artificial trees.

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