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Tinsel Alternatives

March 20th, 2012

Tinsel, also known as icicles, is a traditional holiday ornament used to partly decorate a tree. Pre-lit Christmas trees rarely need tinsel but there still a few who prefer these sparkly garlands to be part of the overall décor. What many people don’t realize, however, is that tinsel can be dangerous.

While tinsel isn’t toxic, it’s certainly very attractive to pets, especially cats. If your pet accidentally ingests it, it can twist the intestines and this can be fatal. Small children are also in danger of wrapping themselves around it that could lead to strangulation or choking.

There are many alternatives to tinsel. Ribbons are available in a variety of colors that will go with your Christmas theme. A string of beads, on the other hand, is another way you can spend quality bonding time with your family. Gather the kids and create beads of different shapes and colors for your tree.

There are other ways to decorate your home without the dangers tinsel. All you need is a little creativity and loads of imagination!

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