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Flocked or Not?

April 5th, 2012

Christmas is always something to look forward to, especially for homeowners who love to decorate. Some spruce up their homes as early as October while others wait until after Thanksgiving. This gives them a chance to make living spaces festive and in-tune with the merry atmosphere all around. As soon as the holiday season kicks in, artificial Christmas trees are pulled out from storage, along with precious ornaments, wreaths, and garlands. Many people stick to a tradition when it comes to decorating and some try to make it different every year.


One popular Christmas decorating technique is “flocking” or the use of artificial snow on Christmas trees to simulate a pine tree in the forest as it gets pelted with snowflakes. There are different ways to incorporate a flocking effect to your Christmas trees–from spraying, to decals, to pre-flocked Christmas trees.


If you want to try this effect, just make sure that it goes well with the rest of your décor. You might want to go ahead and get a few more flocked items in the mix so your tree wouldn’t look too awkward being the only item with snow on it. Either way, make sure you make the most of this holiday season through your holiday décor.

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