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How to Decorate Your Window for the Holidays

May 3rd, 2012

Looking out the window to admire the view is always a lovely experience; more so when it’s adorned with Christmas ornaments. A holiday window not only provides yuletide cheer, but also unifies the room’s aesthetic design. Here are some tips in sprucing up your windows for the holidays:

  • Mount wreaths on the window and accessorize each with a big, felt ribbon. Go for a classic look with pine materials, or unique design with glass or feathers.
  • Create multiple swags with a garland. Drape it on the entire length of the curtain rod and secure with sticky tape. Traditional favorite materials include balsam, cedar, and pine. If you’re aiming for sparkle, you can spray-paint them with glittery colors.
  • Swathe the windows with a cascade of ribbons. Let the tails fall down by the side, and the window becomes a pretty picture frame.
  • Bring out the Christmas draperies. Curtains embellished with stars, snowflakes, or bells instantly dress up the window and the room as well. You can also use plain fabrics and accessorize them with a deep red tie-back.
  • Get pots of poinsettia and Christmas roses, and then position them in window boxes. This design plan allows you to enjoy the look of holiday flowers from inside the room, and earn the admiration of your neighbors as well.
  • Bring out your art materials and make paper snowflakes. First, dust them with glitter for a metallic look. Then, insert a colorful ribbon on each and hang them by the curtain rod like a mobile. You can also glue them on the glass panes for a snowfall effect.

Complete your holiday design by including the windows in your Christmas decor. Make it well-dressed for Christmas to achieve a fantastic view and an enhanced yuletide experience.

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