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How to Make a Beautiful Holiday Centerpiece

May 10th, 2012


One of the best ways to bring the Christmas spirit into the home is to decorate tables with centerpieces. Not only do these arrangements enhance the aesthetic look of the room, they also create a fun and festive vibe. Here are some ideas on how to make centerpieces that make for fantastic displays:

  • Candles are simple yet attractive focal points. A trio of thick pillars tied together with a red and green ribbon is a classy arrangement. Gather several candles in different shapes and set them on an ornate decorative plate. Surround the plate with colored garlands and pinecones for a homey and comforting look.
  • Mini topiaries are an elegant and striking way of sprucing up tables. A cluster of white carnations on a white planter is an enchanting sight. To create interesting visual points, put small ornaments in halfway points as though they’re fruits.
  • Poinsettias are abundant during the Christmas season, so take advantage and put them to good use. Place a bunch of these red beauties with complementary plants such as fir or spruce in a small bulb pan. Stuff as much flowers as possible so that it creates a fancy dome shape. Add pinecones, small LED lights, or gold cutouts of Christmas shapes.
  • Bring the winter wonderland inside your home with snow globes. Collect five to six globes with different designs and put them at the center of your table. Surround them with green garlands or wreaths. The result is a lovely centerpiece that evokes nostalgia to young and old alike.

Holiday centerpieces take time, effort, and a lot of ingenuity. However, when loved ones and guests appreciate your creativity, it makes all the work worthwhile.


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