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How to Store Your Artificial Christmas Tree

May 24th, 2012


After the holiday parties comes the task of putting away the Christmas decorations. One of the household’s challenges is how to store the Christmas tree without damaging it. Many people put it back in its original packaging, and while this is acceptable, there are better ways of to preserve its quality and beauty.


Here are some ideas for storing your artificial Christmas tree:

  • For trees that have to be packed away whole, the best way is to use a large zippered bag with a cover that seals it from moisture, dirt, and pests. These bags are usually made with the same material as tarpaulins and conceal the whole tree.
  • Some storage bags follow the contour of the tree and allow it to stand upright, while others require the branches to be pushed down slightly to fit. For Christmas trees that are too heavy or bulky, there are bags with rolling wheels for easy and effortless storage.
  • The best way to store trees with disassembled parts is through a duffel storage bag. This lightweight and protective container has zippers or drawstrings to seal the top. One must be careful and gentle in placing the pieces to avoid crushing or deforming the branches.
  • A large storage box designed especially for Christmas trees is another great option. This is made of durable clear plastic and has wheels for easy transport. The lid snaps on tightly to the container, thus protecting the tree from mildew, dust, and insects.

An artificial Christmas tree is a huge investment; hence, it’s important to exercise utmost care to preserve it well and avoid damage. This way, the star of your Christmas decorations will be enjoyed by the family for years and years to come.

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