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Ways to Recycle Christmas Wrapping Paper

May 17th, 2012

The presents are all opened and Christmas is over. Now you have a huge trash bag filled with wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, gift cards, and ribbons.

In the US alone, a total of 4 million tons of trash are generated annually from wrapping paper and shopping bags. Avoid adding to the landfill and help save the environment by recycling wrapping materials. Here are some tips for recycling Christmas wrappers:

  • Use a paper shredder to cut leftover wrappers into tiny strips. When shipping items or moving houses, use them as fillers to cushion fragile items, such as ornaments, wine glasses, and vases. This is also great for filling up gift baskets of food. You can also use these shreds as mulch for your vegetable and flower gardens.
  • Use the wrapping paper tubes as cord organizers. Fold the wires gently and insert them in the roll.
  • Preserve the shape and quality of your shoes by stuffing it with a wrapping paper tube.
  • Encourage the kids’ creativity by using recycled paper for art projects. They can create papier mache, decoupage, masks, and other masterpieces that will surely delight you and your guests.
  • Skip the wood shavings for your pets and use shredded paper instead. This is excellent bedding for small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.
  • If the wrapper has been detached carefully from the box, you can use them again next year’s presents. Spray a gentle mist and iron the paper on low, and you have a brand new wrapping paper.

Instead of turning them over to the garbage collector, choose to go green and recycle these materials. Not only will this save you money, you also help set the trend for an eco-friendly holiday.

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