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Elegant Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

June 27th, 2012


A Christmas tree may be the pièce de résistance in your home, but it’s not complete without a dazzling topper. Like the crown of a king, toppers make a magnificent tree even more regal and unify the room’s aesthetic design.


Here are some suggestions that perfectly accentuate your Christmas tree:


  • Stars and angels are traditional favorites. Stars are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs, and made in all sorts of materials. Angel toppers, on the other hand, may be used as centerpieces on Christmas or any other occasion. These are usually designed with flowing gowns that conceal a cone-shaped bottom for easy mounting.
  • Make the Christmas tree look like a big present with a huge bow. This can be done professionally, but you can opt to buy a roll and make your own. Simply gather two or more loops of ribbon together then use a florist wire to secure it at the center. Fold the edges, and finally, snip with scissors to form a triangle. Let the tails cascade down the length of the tree for a festive, cheerful atmosphere.
  • Tree toppers made of faux feathers are easy to do, but the result looks unique and sophisticated. Use colorful peacock or ostrich plumage, or better yet, a combination of the two. Tie the edges together with a craft wire, and then fan the arrangement before placing it on top of the tree.
  • Department and craft stores offer a large selection of famous icons as Christmas toppers. Holiday figures such as Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman and reindeers are favorites of both young and old. Hollywood stars, popular movie characters, and even dogs and cars, are now manufactured to cater to tree owners who desire an unusual and interesting look.

The topper is perhaps the most important ornament on your Christmas tree. Classic or alternative, it’s the final touch to your holiday design that would make guests stand in awe.

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