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Tips on Donating Old Christmas Cards

With generations of Christmases, many households have a stockpile of old Christmas cards somewhere in the home. A wonderful way to reuse these is to transform them into ornaments for artificial Christmas trees or hang them as holiday décor. When you’ve done what you can and still have a lot to spare, keep them from the […]

Beginner’s Guide To Gift Wrapping

Many homes welcome the holiday season with a dolled up Christmas tree and a bunch of presents at its base. A beautifully wrapped gift not only amps the anticipation of opening it, but also shows the receiver that you’ve made an effort. If you’re new to gift wrapping or just want to improve your skills, […]

How to Make a Ribbon Bow

Ribbon bows serve as decoration for gifts, as well as ornaments for Christmas wreaths and garlands. One doesn’t have to be overly inclined artistically to make beautiful ribbon bows; all you need are ribbons, patience, and dedication. Simple Bow Bunch up a small loop of ribbon in each hand, and hold between the thumb and […]

How to Make a Gift Box

Gift boxes can be quite expensive but you don’t have to purchase them for each of the gifts you will be giving away. Paper boxes are great alternatives because they’re economical and customizable. You can choose the texture, color and thickness of the paper as well as the type or pattern of the box. In […]