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Beginner’s Guide To Gift Wrapping

July 19th, 2012

Many homes welcome the holiday season with a dolled up Christmas tree and a bunch of presents at its base. A beautifully wrapped gift not only amps the anticipation of opening it, but also shows the receiver that you’ve made an effort. If you’re new to gift wrapping or just want to improve your skills, here’s an easy guide to help you wrap presents for your loved ones.

Wrapping Essentials

You’ll need clear scotch tape preferably in a tape dispenser for easy handling, a pair of scissors, wrapping paper, empty gift boxes, name cards, and ribbons. Once you have the essentials ready, look over the gifts to ensure that all the price tags have been removed.

Put it in a Box, or Not.

Next, decide whether you want to put the gift in a box or not. Wrapping gifts in a box suited to its size makes the wrapping part a lot easier. If you’re gifting clothes or other items that generally don’t come with in a boxed package, consider buying a few cardboard boxes from your local stationary store. You can also put gifts in boxes if the packaging is oddly shaped.

Wrapping Paper

Your choice of wrapping paper makes all the difference. If you’re new at gift wrapping, use thicker, sturdier paper since they’ll be easier to control. Lay out a roll on a flat surface and place the gift on top of it. Measure the gift, ensuring that there’s enough paper to cover every inch of the box before cutting the paper to size. Wrap the gift, and use the clear tape to tuck everything in place.


Ribbons add a festive flair to your presents. Tie the ribbon around the wrapped gift; and if you can, mix different colored ribbons. Attach a personalized name card to the box when you’re done.

Gift wrapping is easy once you get the hang of it. With enough practice, you’ll soon be able to expertly add other embellishments into your gift wrapping design.

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