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How to Make a Ribbon Bow

July 11th, 2012

Ribbon bows serve as decoration for gifts, as well as ornaments for Christmas wreaths and garlands. One doesn’t have to be overly inclined artistically to make beautiful ribbon bows; all you need are ribbons, patience, and dedication.

Simple Bow

Bunch up a small loop of ribbon in each hand, and hold between the thumb and index finger. Tie an overhand knot—the type used for tying shoelaces. After cutting excess ribbon, you will now have a beautiful bow.

Tailored Bow

Fold a length of ribbon, each loop smaller than the one below it. Staple all the layers together in the middle. Get a ribbon a bit longer than the biggest loop, cut V shapes on each end, and staple to the bottom. Wrap another ribbon through the middle to hide the staple. Use different colors of ribbon for the bow and the middle wrapper to add variety.

Triple Loop Bow

Measure the length of one of the tails and with the right side of the ribbon on the outside, make a loop and squeeze the ribbon together between your thumb and forefinger. Twist the ribbon so the right side is facing outside. Make another loop going to the opposite side.

Make slightly smaller loops, as many as you like, on top of the first set. To make the final loop, twist the remaining ribbon around your thumb—this will also be the second tail. Adjust both tails according to your preference. To hold all the loops together, put a small piece of tying wire through the center of the top loop and twist it tightly at the back of the bow. Spread out the loops and trim the tails.

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Pretty bows add a personal touch to everything you give and display for Christmas. Happy bow-tying!

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  • Anthony

    Hello, I was gandering through google for ways to make bows when i found your site here. I appreciate you taking the time, and resources to make this for everyone. but I was thinking this would be much better and easier to understand if there were pictures. One peticular part that had me slightly confused was for the simple bow that says to bunch up a small loop of ribbon in each hand. When I read that i think of (and forgive the manner of the example) toilet papper. when i use the rest room i grab a length of papper, bunch it up, and use it. but when I blow my nose, i take it, fold it over a few times, and blow onto it, flat. so grabbing a bunch of ribbon sounds like a sloppy mess of ribbon and not a bow. im not actually sure if the end result is actually a bow, or more like the “drug free” or the pink “breast cancer” ribbon. Please take this into consideration. thank you and happy holidays

  • Christmas Tree Market

    Hi Anthony,

    Thank you so much for your feedback. We have a post which may explain the process a bit better here:

    Please let us know if it helps, and what other tips you would enjoy!

    Happy New Year!