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Decorating with Pine Cones

Sprucing up the home for Christmas doesn’t mean splurging on expensive décor. There are plenty of things around the home that you can use to adorn your rooms. Pine cones, for example, are abundant at this time of the year. With some craft materials and lots of creativity, you can turn these conifers into interesting […]

Best Place to Put Your Christmas Tree

It’s time to decorate the Christmas tree, and the family is very eager. The ornaments and string lights are laid out neatly. Then everyone asks, where should you put up the tree? Here are some ideas to help you decide. Place it in a room where the family often stays, like the living room or […]

Christmas Tree Market’s Best For Large Spaces

Large spaces call for large décor, and a towering Christmas tree transforms a huge room into a picture of holiday elegance.  A big tree suggests a grand celebration of the season, and provides an atmosphere that is extra fun and joyful.   Get your big living space spruced up for Christmas with a large tree. […]

Christmas Cards as Recycled Ornaments

When Christmas day has passed and all the glittering presents have been opened, there’s surely a neat pile of holiday cards on your table. You might not have the heart to throw them away as these contain sentimental messages from loved ones, and feature beautiful and artistic designs. The ideal solution is to create ornaments […]