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Christmas Cards as Recycled Ornaments

August 1st, 2012

When Christmas day has passed and all the glittering presents have been opened, there’s surely a neat pile of holiday cards on your table. You might not have the heart to throw them away as these contain sentimental messages from loved ones, and feature beautiful and artistic designs.

The ideal solution is to create ornaments out of the cards. Not only do you preserve mementos and add a decorative touch for future holiday celebrations, you also help save the environment by reusing and recycling the materials.

  • Make ornamental balls or cubes using folded Christmas cards. Stick the edges together with the design cover exposed, and sprinkle the glued areas with glitter. Once dry, insert a string through one of the edges. Put them on the tree or on a garland for the window.
  • Monogrammed cards give Christmas presents a personalized touch and unique appeal. Use a pencil to stencil a person’s initial on the paper. Cut out the traced item with a sharp pair of scissors. Attach it on the gift with tape or a colorful ribbon.
  • Stringing them together is a creative spin on Christmas garlands. Gather all cards of different shapes and sizes, punch a hole on a corner, and insert a string to hold all of them together. Hang them on open doorways, against walls, or even around your trees. This is definitely a festive piece of holiday décor that brightens any room.
  • Create a beautiful table centerpiece by tying the cards to dried branches arranged in a tall vase. This is a great way to preserve keepsakes and share them with visitors.

A Christmas card is not merely a piece of paper. It contains touching messages of love and friendship. Creative ideas allow you to preserve your cards, share them with loved ones, and keep beautiful memories alive forever.

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