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Christmas Tree Market’s Best For Large Spaces

August 8th, 2012

Large spaces call for large décor, and a towering Christmas tree transforms a huge room into a picture of holiday elegance.  A big tree suggests a grand celebration of the season, and provides an atmosphere that is extra fun and joyful.


Get your big living space spruced up for Christmas with a large tree. Here are some of our best trees that are perfect for large rooms.

  • The Royal Douglas Fir is a 9-foot tall beauty with a full body measuring 64 inches. Its feathery branches and needles mimic the look and feel of a real Christmas tree. It has a stately appearance that commands and holds the attention of both family and guests. Nevertheless, it has an old-fashioned silhouette, creating an atmosphere that is warm and comforting.
  • The Madison Mixed Pine stands at 9 feet with a diameter of 62 inches. It’s a tall and narrow tree with lifelike needles and branches that are perfect imitation of the ones found in nature.
  • The Balsam Spruce Christmas Tree towers at 12 feet, and has a diameter of 75 inches. A show-stopping piece of Christmas décor, it has a full body with branches and needles that look and feels real. This powerful tree can transform the home into a grand and regal place.
  • Have a holiday in winter wonderland with a Shimmering White Christmas Tree. This beautiful piece is 10 feet tall and 62 inches wide. Its branches and needles provide an iridescent shimmer, creating a merry and bright Christmas experience right at home.

These trees come with either clear lights or multicolored lights, saving you the hassle of string the lights. Adorn your large space with any one of these beauties, and enjoy an enchanting and magical Christmas.

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