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Christmas Tree Market’s Best For Small Spaces

A small living space doesn’t have to limit your holiday décor. While a towering tree is impractical in an apartment or studio unit, homeowners can still acquire a festive atmosphere with the right Christmas tree. Below are some of our best Christmas trees that can easily transform any small space into a holiday wonderland. Bethlehem […]

Understanding Your Christmas Trees

When you take a look at rows of Christmas trees, you can’t help but think that these are all one and the same. Upon closer inspection, however, you’ll find that these grand beauties are actually very different from each other. There are firs, spruces, and pines, and they are determined by its leaves and needles. […]

Exceptional Christmas Garland Decor Ideas

The decorating staples for the holiday season almost always include a festooned tree with glittering balls and a Santa Claus. If you desire a truly festive atmosphere in your home, however, consider draping your walls, doors, and windows with lush Christmas garlands. Here are a few ideas on how to get your home ready for […]

Christmas Tree Skirt Holiday Tips

In the past, mats were placed around the base of the Christmas tree to catch candle drippings, pine needles, and sap. Over time, a sheet of simple cotton fabric was used for this purpose and to serve as a decorative accent as well.   Today, tree skirts are part and parcel of the holiday décor. […]