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Exceptional Christmas Garland Decor Ideas

September 12th, 2012

The decorating staples for the holiday season almost always include a festooned tree with glittering balls and a Santa Claus. If you desire a truly festive atmosphere in your home, however, consider draping your walls, doors, and windows with lush Christmas garlands.

Here are a few ideas on how to get your home ready for Christmas with garlands.

  • Adorn your garlands with ribbons and bows. Get a traditional arrangement with the classic red-and-green combination, or make it look hip and fun with purple, pink and yellow.
  • Receiving presents is even more exciting with Christmas stockings attached on garlands. Make the arrangement eye-catching by getting stockings of different designs and accentuating each with little silver or golden sleigh bells.
  • Cut shapes out of old Christmas Cards: reindeers, Christmas trees, snowflakes, bells, angels, and presents. String them together with a colorful ribbon and hang above the windows. Not only do you create a unique look for your home, you also help save the environment by using recycled materials.
  • Make garlands sparkle with metallic bells and balls. Enhance the glittery arrangement with gold ribbons. Mount it above the mantelpiece to create a visual treat while cozying up by the fire.
  • Fill a garland with things you would find in nature, like flowers in season, berries, pinecones, and different leaves. Hang them on doorframes and windows for a rustic feel to your home.
  • Have a conversation piece by making a cluster of wreaths. Take about three or four garlands of different materials and colors and hang them on staircases or on top of the fireplace. Attach small wreaths for added texture.

Experiment with different garlands of various makes, such as evergreen, pine, boxwood, even ivy and grape leaves. With craft materials and your imagination, you can create Christmas wreaths that ensure a cheery holiday in your home.

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