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Creating A Family Recipe Scrapbook

October 25th, 2012

Keeping your family happy through their stomachs is a fulfilling accomplishment, something that you probably want to do often. That is why it is very important to keep recipes of your family’s most-loved dishes close at hand.

By making a family recipe scrapbook, you can keep those recipes in a safe place while allowing for creative expression. Your scrapbook might just become your cooking inspiration!

Here are some tips on designing a family recipe scrapbook.

Decide on a Comfortable Size

There is no prescribed size for a recipe scrapbook, so simply decide on a size that is convenient for you. Keep in mind that it would have to be small enough to be moved around, but large enough to accommodate your designs. When you have determined the size, cut out the pieces of card stock that will serve as your scrapbook pages.

Printing & Framing Recipes

Print out the recipes in a readable font that will still fit on your card stock. Nice handwriting can replace a computer printout as long as it is legible.

The paper on which you print the text can vary. For example, if you are printing out an Orange Chicken recipe, you can use orange construction paper. To make the text more interesting, design a nice frame by cutting out a border from a piece of corrugated board, felt paper, magazine page or anything that you think will match the page’s theme.

Design & Colors

A recipe scrapbook page

Photo from chedderfish via flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0


Consider using a theme for each page that is consistent with the recipe. For soup recipes, you could paste some cutouts of different colored bowls. Organizing the pages by type of dish can also help you find the recipe that you need much faster. You can use yellow card stock for drinks, white for salads, brown for the main course and pink for desserts. Color coding your recipes makes finding the perfect one into a pleasant task.

Recipe Pockets

Making pockets in your scrapbook can be very useful. If a person who is important to you gives you a handwritten recipe that you want to keep in its original condition, you can keep it in a pocket in your scrapbook. You can also use these pockets as a means to organize various recipes. For example, magazines often feature recipes. If you find a dish that interests you, clip it out and tuck it in a labeled scrapbook pocket.

Notes & Memories

A family recipe scrapbook is a lifetime project since you can continuously add pages as time goes by. Including pictures of the person who gave the recipe to you is a great way to keep memories of your shared interest in food.

You can also add some important notes on each page. If one of your children loves a particular dish, add a note beside the recipe that says, “Katie really loves this!” or “Tony loves strawberries in this salad.” Doing this will help you make each dish much more special for your family, and you’ll also be able to pass on your scrapbook to your children as a family heirloom.

Follow some of these tips and you can start putting all your precious recipes in order.

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  • This is a great idea. My wife and I tried to make a recipe scrapbook a few years ago and ended up abandoning the project. Seeing your layout makes we wish we hadn’t. Would you mind if I used your post and picture to make a post for our blog I would credit your blog as my source of course

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