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DIY Projects for Fall

October 20th, 2012

Fall’s inspiring colors make this season a good time to start a creative project. Here are some DIY projects for the fall that can help you express yourself.

Start a scrapbook

To start a scrapbook, gather pictures that you want to highlight. Since a scrapbook is meant to be filled with memories, you can also collect movie tickets, invitations, greeting cards and other mementos worth keeping.

When you have assembled the contents, decide on a theme. Do  you want a scrapbook solely for your travels or one that is dedicated to family events? If you settle on a theme, your album will automatically be easier to decorate.

Go through your collected memorabilia to see how you can sort them out. You can either group them chronologically or by memento type (e.g. movie tickets, membership cards, travel pictures, etc.). Details such as date, time and occasion further personalize the album. If you feel like adding a sentimental touch, include a quote, some prose or a poem to help you express how you felt during your experiences.

Make a fall-themed candle jar

It’s that colorful time of year again and it would be a waste not to take advantage of the natural materials at your disposal. To create a fall-themed candle jar, you will need a glass jar, dried leaves, glue and a candle.

First, collect colorful dried leaves – red, yellow and orange are best. Using glue, stick these leaves all over the glass jar. For a varnished effect, you can brush Mod Podge on the leaves you have pressed on the glass. Let the jar dry overnight.

To enjoy your project’s visual effect, light a candle and put it inside the bottle. You will be mesmerized by how the light casts beautiful colors through the warm-colored leaves!

Make a coat rack

Making a coat rack is probably one of the simplest DIY projects you can attempt. You just need a wooden board or a piece of driftwood and some pretty knobs.

Bring out your inner painter and coat the wood with a natural stain and varnish. After drying, measure the board so that you’ll know how far apart to place the knobs. Drill the holes then screw the knobs onto the board.

If you are feeling more inventive, you can think of other uses for the finished product, such as using it as a belt or a necklace holder.

Splatter paint your storage boxes

Who says storage boxes need to be plain? A bit of colorful paint will turn your simple storage box into a bright piece of décor.

To make your boxes stand out, splatter some neon paint onto it using a paint brush. Before you begin, you’ll want to spread some old newspapers on the floor to prevent making a mess. To make a splatter pattern, dip the paint brush into the paint, then tap the brush over the boxes until you are satisfied with the amount of splatter. If you want an even more vibrant look, try using multiple colors. The more stunning the colors, the better.

Challenge your artistic self this fall and let nature’s vivid scenery put you into an expressive mood with any of these projects.

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