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Fun & Easy Family Fall Traditions

October 1st, 2012

Autumn is a lovely time to enjoy the outdoors because of all the pretty fall colors. The relaxing yet exciting atmosphere of autumn inspires us to take advantage of the season’s blessings and bond with our loved ones.

Here are some family fall traditions that you can start (or continue) as a way of appreciating this beautiful season.

Take lots of pictures

This is probably the best time to go for a picturesque drive that you and your family can enjoy. Teach your children how to handle a camera and take advantage of the beautiful autumn scenery by taking stunning photographs with them. Go for a picnic afterwards, and make this the beginning of a lovely family tradition.

Go Apple-picking

There’s nothing quite like the sweet, crisp flavor of a freshly picked apple, especially when enjoyed under the branches of a sun-warmed apple tree. When you go apple-picking, not only will you be spending time with the family, you’ll also be supporting local farmers. For an extra educational excursion, encourage your children to appreciate all that goes into growing this delicious fall fruit, and teach them about the apple’s healthy attributes while you’re at it.

Any leftover apples can be used in a variety of easy, kid-friendly recipes, such as apple jam, apple pie, apple pie smoothies, and the all-time favorite, applesauce! Do some research, and you might be amazed at how many dishes you can make with apples as your main ingredient.

Leaf crafts

If there is one obvious reason why people love fall, it’s the beautiful colors of the falling leaves. Collect some and try using them in kid-friendly craft projects. Make leaf prints with your kids and display them in their bedrooms or in the living room to add a vibrant pop of color. Create a leaf garland or a leaf wreath for a memorable embellishment for your home. A mobile of dried leaves and driftwood twigs can add an interesting twist to the foyer, while a delicate leaf curtain can cheer up the kitchen.

Go to harvest festivals

Featuring corn mazes and hay rides, harvest festivals are excellent events to enjoy with the whole family. One of the most popular activities at a harvest festival is pumpkin picking, which makes for a particularly scenic family photo-op because of the pumpkins’ vibrant orange shade. Let your children pick their own favorite pumpkin, which you can help turn into a jack-o’-lantern for Halloween.

Take advantage of this colorful, scenic season to connect with your family through some of these fun fall traditions.

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