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Fun Indoor Activities (How to Avoid Cabin Fever)

October 5th, 2012

Spending time outdoors is fun and enjoyable for grown-ups as well as for children, but as the seasons change from summer to fall, families are often limited to spending more time inside.

To give your family an outlet for all of their pent-up energy, organize indoor activities for your kids to enjoy. Here are some pastimes that can help you and your children stave off cabin fever.

Have them entertain you with a puppet show

Kids love using their imagination and inventing stories. Encourage them to be more creative by giving them a collection of puppets and stuffed animals that they can use to act out their own stories. You can help them along by suggesting some scenarios for the characters, and then let their imaginations run free – their amusing stories will entertain the whole family.

Have them help with baking

Do you have a snack planned for the day? Why not bake some cupcakes and let the children help with the decorating? If they are old enough to help you with the process, allow them to pour, stir and sift. They can help decorate the cakes with icing and sprinkles. Keeping their hands full will keep them from getting bored while waiting for snack time.

Indulge in arts and crafts

Getting your children into arts and crafts will not only keep your kids entertained, but also help them develop their creativity. Keep a stock of art supplies, such as crayons, paint, paper, glue and scissors, handy at all times for when inspiration hits. Arts and crafts projects are also a great way to recycle and reuse stuff in the home that you are no longer using. Socks, for example, are good raw material for puppets or Christmas ornaments.

Tag-team drawings

For this activity, have the kids sit at a table with their own paper and colored pencils. Make sure that each child has a unique color. Each of them has around 30 seconds to draw something on their paper. When time is up, they move to the left, leaving their paper behind. For another 30 seconds, they continue to draw on the paper that the child beside them had originally used. When finished, they move clockwise again and repeat the process. You will be surprised at how interesting and funny the final product is!

Magic Story Box

If your kids are old enough to create an organized story, this activity can be a challenge for them. Collect random ordinary objects and put them in a box. The objects can range from the most common food items, like candy, to rarer objects, like seashells. The objective of this game is to create a spontaneous collective story. Each participant picks up an object from the box and invents a story about or around it. The objects can represent characters, a setting, challenge, conflict or resolution.

With these activities, bonding with the family inside your home is just as exciting as having quality time with them outdoors!

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