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Funny Halloween Costumes on a Budget

October 22nd, 2012

People love Halloween parties because it’s fun to dress up as something or someone else. Since Halloween costumes are usually only worn once, it is reasonable to look for an outfit that won’t cost you very much. Here are some budget-friendly costume ideas that you can put together this Halloween.


Juno is a well-loved 2007 comedy-drama that features a pregnant teenager. The look of the main character, Juno, consists of a pleated short skirt over loose pants, a hoodie worn over a horizontally striped orange and white shirt, and sneakers. These items are quite easy to find because most of these clothes are basic. If you don’t have any of these in your closet, you can borrow from a friend. You may add a finishing touch by loosely tying your uncombed hair in a ponytail, and stuffing a circular pillow under your shirt to make you look pregnant.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s look is very distinct, so looking like him is quite easy. His primary feature is his hair with the swoopy bangs, which is easy to achieve with a wig or with your own hair if you are bold enough to have it cut the same way. You can then polish your look with a baseball cap, a hoodie and some bling.


Highways have either white or yellow broken lines that divide the road. Making a highway costume is actually very simple – all you need is a black outfit and some yellow/white paper. Your black clothes  serve as your canvas. Study a picture of a highway to figure out what patterns to cut out of the paper and how to arrange them. When you have the shapes ready, stick them on your outfit. Since it can be hard to align them yourself, you can ask a friend for help.


If you are coming to the party with someone, be that person’s shadow. You can wear an all-black outfit, black mask, black shoes and black gloves. If you stay close to your companion the whole night, you will totally be in character. Just make sure you can keep up with your friend as he goes around the venue!


If you have a colorful top made of plaid or checkered fabric or something patterned with balloons or other fun icons, you are off to a good start for the gift costume. You can top your head with a gift ribbon bow by attaching it to a headband and you will look like a birthday present!


Costume ideas with literal interpretations are hilarious. For the Quarterback costume, you do not need to wear a football uniform. You can just tape a huge print-out of a quarter coin on your back, and let your friends figure out your costume for themselves.

Blessing in Disguise

To become a “blessing in disguise,” you can wear a dark jacket, a dark cap and a set of heavily tinted sunglasses. For this costume to work, you need to say “bless you!” to every person you meet. When they ask you what you are, instead of answering, ask them to guess.

Let your imagination run free. Be straightforward and witty with your costume and you will enjoy making something that can amuse your friends.

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