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How to Sell Your Crafts Online

October 16th, 2012

If you are mad about crafts, then you could be at the start of a thriving business. Instead of setting up a physical store, establish an online presence to bypass any need for hefty start-up capital. Simply let your artistic passion fuel your creativity, then set up shop online.

Here are several ways you can sell your crafts online:


Etsy has become one of the leading options for selling arts and crafts. You can easily set up your online store with its pre-made templates, upload product photos and post descriptions. Since Etsy is a popular website for handmade products as well as wholesale craft supplies, you are better directed to the arts and crafts niche market, landing you more chances to sell your own unique creations. Etsy’s fame and substantial traffic have helped many artists get more exposure.


One of the most popular ecommerce websites, eBay enables millions of online transactions. It is easy to set up shop on eBay. In fact, you can start selling your items with just a few clicks. When selling your items, you can either make them available at a particular price or sell them at auction. If you go for auction, set the starting price at break even. The higher potential buyers bid for your product, the higher your profit will be.


This social media website is not just a great way to connect with your friends, but also a great place to market your crafts. A lot of sellers build a Facebook page where they can post their products because it is a good way to showcase them to their friends. When people like a particular page or even just a product photo, there is a high chance that it will get exposure to these people’s network of friends. Aside from the potential of a seller to go viral, communication with potential buyers and testimonials from previous customers are also great benefits for the business when selling crafts through Facebook.


Multiply is another social networking website that allows users to post blogs, photos and other media and share them with a circle of friends. Early in 2012, the company announced their intent to cater only to ecommerce users. With over 11 million users and 3.5 million estimated unique monthly visitors in the US, Multiply is definitely a great option for hosting your online shop.

Your own website

If your business is successful on other websites, the next step is to have your own website. Having your own site with your own domain name is always the best way to go because it gives visitors the impression that you are a reliable seller. But this option is not free and you will need to purchase your domain name and web space. Furthermore, you need to know some coding or find someone who does to set up your website and incorporate a payment gateway. Setting up your own website may not be as easy as creating a Facebook page or posting your products on Etsy, but doing so is worth it if you are serious about getting your crafts out there.

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