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Quick & Easy Healthful Halloween Treats

October 29th, 2012

Most mothers cringe at the thought of children eating too much candy in a single day. This is the dreadful reality brought about by Halloween trick-or-treating, unless you are able to control their candy eating habits despite their little protests.

The good news is that kids do not need to feel deprived at all. You can still satisfy their sweet cravings without having to worry about too much junk getting into their system. Here are some quick and easy healthful Halloween treats that you can prepare to satisfy both their taste buds and health needs.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkins are a huge part of Halloween. When turned into sinister Jack-o’-lanterns, they make great centerpieces and decorations. But aside from serving as seasonal ornaments, pumpkins offer health benefits, too! Pumpkin seeds are nutritional snacks that nourish the brain and help the heart, bones, muscles and nerves function well. Why don’t you replace chips with a bowl of these crunchy treats? You can place the bowl on a table and invite the kids to dig in. For easy clean-up after, you may want to prepare another container for the shells.

Popcorn Balls

Children enjoy munching popcorn especially if it’s crispy and flavored. You can either buy factory-sealed popcorn balls or pop some corn kernels from the grocery store. If you need to whip up a fast batch, use microwaveable popcorn instead, since that already comes in a variety of flavors. With these treats, you can rest assured that the kids are getting enough fiber without the sugar and fat other treats customarily have.

Fruit Butterflies

Fruit butterflies are very easy to make. All you need are oranges and melted chocolate, though apples and pears would work just as well. When you have peeled off the orange skin, pull each wedge of the fruit apart. Put two wedges back to back on a plate. Using melted chocolate fondue, you can design the butterfly and paint some details on it. Lay down another pair of orange wedges on another spot on the plate and repeat the process until it’s filled with orange butterflies. You can also decorate the plate by drawing some flowers with the melted chocolate.

Apple Spiders

Apples are packed with nutrition, which is why eating one a day keeps the doctor away.  By making apples look interesting, kids will have fun eating healthy.

To make an apple spider, you will need melted chocolate fondue and licorice. First, slice the apple in half then dip the two halves in the melted chocolate. After drying, sandwich the licorice sticks between the two apple slices to act as legs. Adding pumpkin seeds or circle-shaped cheese on it for the eyes will make the spider look adorable. With these cute apple spiders, your kids get entertained while getting the health benefits of apples.

Carrot Broomsticks

Give your little wizards their dose of fiber and vitamin A with carrot broomsticks. To create them, you will need pretzel sticks, carrots and chocolate fondue or peanut butter.

First, slice the carrots into very thin strips at a length shorter than the pretzel stick. Gather a few of them into a bundle with the pretzel right in the middle, gluing them to one end of the pretzel stick with chocolate or peanut butter. You can also have the kids dip the carrot broomstick into even more melted chocolate or peanut butter for an extra tasty treat. The pretzel stick broom handle will keep their hands clean.

Banana Ghosts

Creating banana ghosts is very easy. All you need are bananas, melted white chocolate and chocolate chips. First, dip the banana in melted white chocolate. Then put a pair of chocolate chips on the banana for the eyes. You can also use raisins or any food item that has a dark color.

You can serve the banana ghosts on a plate when the white chocolate dip has dried. You may also want to create white tails and swirls around the bananas for a Casper effect.

Encourage your children to eat healthful snacks by making them look more interesting. Who knows, they might even want to help you make them!

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