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How to Organize Your Craft Station

November 5th, 2012

Creativity is key for crafters, but it can be hard to put yourself in that creative mindset with an untidy work place. Having an organized craft station not only helps you work more efficiently, it can also bring out your creative juices. Here are helpful ways you can organize your craft station for a more pleasant working environment.


Photo from jfiess via flickr. CC BY 2.0


Pegboards are most commonly seen in the garage for hanging car tools, but they can also be valuable in the craft room. The evenly spaced holes on the pegboard are perfect for arranging hooks on which to secure scissors, tape and any craft supply you can hang.

Hanging Shoe Organizers

Hanging shoe organizers are great for storing paint brushes, bottles of glue, markers and other supplies that you need to keep close at hand. You can glue a label on each compartment so it will be easier to find the item you are looking for, minimizing the amount of time you spend rifling through drawers.

Cubby Shelves 

Store specialty paper, fabric, yarn, string and cones of thread in cubby storage units. Arrange each type of item in a basket that you can fit inside each cubby hole. You can label the baskets so that you can retrieve the item you need easily.

To make the entire shelf look more charming, use baskets of different colors or create unique labels for each of them. With your creative instinct, you can build a craft station that is both systematic and lovely. 

Drink Caddy 

For little items such as buttons, needles and beads, you can use colored plastic cups that fit in a drink caddy. With this caddy, you can prevent the cup from tipping out. This organizer is an easy storage solution for small items, allowing you to be more efficient when working on your crafts. With its portability, your craft caddy allows you to move easily in case you want to work in another area of the house.

Soft Drink Crates

Photo from Steve Snodgrass via flickr. CC BY 2.0


Soda crates can be repurposed as storage space for paint bottles. Paint needs to be stored upside down to extend its life, and crates allow bottles to be kept upturned for long periods of time.

Glass Storage Containers

Since clear glass containers allow you to see what’s inside, they provide great storage for beads and buttons. You can easily get the bead color that you need without having to peep through the jar opening. But not only are clear containers efficient organizers, they also add an appealing touch to the craft station. Clear containers are also great for storing feathers, fabric scraps, sequins and stamps.

Follow any of these tips for a more pleasing and inspiring craft station at home.

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