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Two of Our New Christmas Trees for 2012

November 15th, 2012

Christmas is a beautiful season that’s sure to bring joy to every household. Giving your home a harmonious holiday look, Christmas trees inspire a dynamic mood for the family as children have somewhere to gather ‘round on this special day while they give and receive gifts.

Big family celebrations generally mean there’s going to be large amounts of gifts–a scenario that Christmas Tree Market is definitely prepared for. This year, store your presents under one of our broadest artificial Christmas trees, the Connecticut River Pine Christmas Tree.

The Connecticut River Pine is a new artificial Christmas tree that is sure to bring some old-fashioned holiday cheer into your home. Delightfully wide, it stands in the living room like it’s the most-awaited and beloved visitor of the holiday season. A magnificent sight, the tree features verdant foliage and a broad, full-bodied profile that brings the outdoor ambiance into your home without any of the mess. This artificial tree is available with clear or multicolor lights that are carefully pre-strung on the tree’s branches for easy setup. With its quality PVC branches, you’re guaranteed a lush look that will last for years to come.

Visit Christmas Tree Market today to find out more about the new Connecticut River Pine Christmas Tree.

Alternatively, bring out the elegance of your home with Christmas Tree Market’s new Sophia Spring Spruce Christmas Tree. This tree is the perfect choice for homeowners with stylish taste and a penchant for hassle-free decorating.

With the tree’s pre-strung lights, there’s no need to exert extra effort to wind a separate string of lights around it. Furthermore, these lights come in either clear or multicolor options, giving you the freedom to choose between a fancy or a classic look. They likewise come in very energy-efficient LED models that allow you to save energy while enjoying a colorful, radiant sight during the Christmas season.

Christmas trees symbolize life with their lush green foliage. With its realistic branches, the Sophia Spring Spruce offers a genuine natural appeal that brings the outdoors closer to home without putting any stress on you or your budget.

This gorgeous Christmas tree adds a flair of sophistication to households that celebrate luxury and style yet uphold practicality in every endeavor.


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