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After-Party Clean Up Tips for the Holidays

December 27th, 2012

The holiday season is a great time for family and friends to gather over dinner and drinks and enjoy the festivities. However, when the party dies down and the guests leave, you’ll be left with quite a bit of a mess to clean up.

Photo from fifikins via flickr. CC BY 2.0

Photo from fifikins via flickr. CC BY 2.0

From picking up empty cups and washing the dishes to taking down holiday decorations and packing up Christmas trees and artificial wreaths, there’s a lot to get done. Sometimes you might not have the energy to do it all, especially if the party ends late into the night. Try planning ahead and incorporating these easy clean-up ideas during your holiday and New Year’s Eve festivities. When you do, the end of the night will be easier to deal with.

Garbage Bags

Before the party gets started, take the time to triple line your trash cans with sturdy garbage bags. Place trash cans around the party area so guests can easily throw their trash away. When the trash can is full, tie it up and take it out to the curb or throw it down the garbage chute.


Clear your dining table as soon as dinner is done. Getting the mess out of the way will make it easier on you once the night ends. Start a load in your dishwasher while the party continues and keep on running loads until all the dishes are done. By the time the party winds down, you’ll only be left with a handful of dishes that you can either deal with the following morning or just finish up at the end of the night.

First Clean-up Pass

Instead of going all out and scrubbing the party area clean, opt to do quick walk-through of the room and pick up any stray trash. Once you’ve done a first pass, you can deal with the heavier clean-up (eg. vacuum) the next morning when you’re much more refreshed.

Try these tips when you host your next party. It will not only lessen the burden of clean-up, but it will also give you more time to enjoy the party that you’ve prepared for your guests. The holiday season is about spending time with family and friends, so don’t busy yourself cleaning up after others. Enjoy the party, plan early, and deal with the cleanup later.

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