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Christmas Season Energy-Saving Tips

December 6th, 2012

Energy bills usually rise during the colder months with heating and Christmas lighting consuming most energy. Here is a list of energy-saving tips to help you save money this Christmas season:

Christmas Season Energy-Saving Tips


Manage Cold Air

Heating is a major contributor to the increase in energy bills. If you want to lower your heating costs, keep the cold air out of your house. There are many ways to accomplish this. One way is to make a “draft snake.” A “draft snake” is a simple a piece of fabric that covers the opening under doors. It can prevent the cold air drafts from entering door cracks and lowering the temperature of your home. They are not difficult to make; all you need is a fabric scrap that can be rolled up and put on the floor.

An advanced method of keeping cold air out is by caulking the cracks and gaps of your house. Study wall corners, pipe openings, and other places with gaps. These are places where heat often escapes and cold air enters. Caulk these areas to lower the need for heating up your home.

Installing storm windows and doors is another technique that can help increase the energy efficiency of your heaters. This simple act can dramatically reduce the lowering of temperatures from cold air.  Likewise, these things can keep the heat in your home longer.

Heating with Fans

Ceiling fans can be used for both cooling and heating. Many units come with a switch that can reverse the direction of the blades. This reverse option can pull up cold air to the ceiling, making your room warmer without using a heater.

Energy-efficient Christmas Lights

Decorate your Christmas tree and home with LED lights instead of the conventional bulbs. According to different sites, these kinds of lights can reduce energy consumption significantly.  Nevertheless, while they are energy-efficient, avoid leaving them on at night to lessen electric consumption.

Managing heating and lighting consumption is important during Christmastime. Follow any of these tips to help you save money on your holiday energy bills.

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