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Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

December 3rd, 2012

Aside from gifts and Christmas trees, the Christmas stocking is a cherished holiday symbol for kids. Often filled with candies and other trinkets, colorful stockings are hung on the fireplace mantel or elsewhere both for their decorative appeal and the delight they give the children.

Photo from SarahDeer via flickr. CC BY 2.0
Photo from SarahDeer via flickr. CC BY 2.0

Let kids squeal with delight when they discover the carefully chosen treats in their Christmas stocking. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect stocking stuffers:

Consider Their Hobbies

Grab this opportunity to show support for your kids’ hobbies and interests. For girls, cooking or baking gadgets like a trendy cookie cutter or a book of easy recipes are delightful options. Flower seeds or a vibrant trowel are great too if they love gardening.

For boys, camping gear like a pocket knife, compass, or magnifying glass can make them look forward to their outdooor adventures. Meanwhile, basketball cards or a cap can brighten up the day of a kid who is into sports.

Think Fun

Inexpensive items that spell fun are a hit with kids. Simple things like bubbles, finger puppets, a Rubik’s cube, game cards like Uno cards, and items that glow are popular with both girls and boys. Barbie dresses, doll accessories, jump ropes, water guns, yo-yos, or a bag of marbles are all great for kids.

Give Beauty Items

They may be kids, but you want them to look and feel good too. If you have a girl in her tweens, you may want to opt for lip gloss, a lovely pocket mirror, nail polish, or some trendy jewelry like a mood ring.

This can go for boys too. Get them to pay attention to their hygiene with a bottle of cologne, cool sunglasses, or a nice toothbrush.

Add a Personal Touch

Let those stockings overflow with love with some items personally made by you. Craft a handmade card that your child will cherish for years. You can also decorate a cellphone holder with studs or build a wooden toy car. Making your own coupons that they can redeem any time of the year can lead to a bonding moment. These coupons can include a ticket for mom to prepare a favorite dessert or a coupon for dad to bring them to a baseball game. A touch of tradition won’t hurt either, so consider making a pair of mittens and a scarf that will keep them warm throughout winter.

Stuffing your children’s Christmas stockings is fun, especially if you know that they will love what you have prepared for them. To minimize the time preparing these stuffers, an easy tip is to shop for items throughout the year during trips to the store so you won’t be in a rush during the holidays.

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