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Creative Ways to Count Down to Christmas

December 10th, 2012

Start a Christmas Countdown with your family this year

Only a few days away, Christmas is one of the most-anticipated celebrations of the year. Most people get so excited at the thought of Christmas that it’s hard not to keep track of how many days are left before the big day. Counting down to Christmas is actually a great way to bond with your family through fun and creative projects. Here are some ways you can add an interesting twist to Christmas countdowns.

Sweets to Christmas

Creative Ways of Counting Down to Christmas

Children generally love sweets. To ramp up the excitement to Christmas day, prepare a number of boxes containing their favorite snacks or desserts, with each box displaying a number that corresponds to the number of left days until Christmas. Every morning, your children can open the box of the day and enjoy the sweet surprises inside. If you want to know how many days are left before Christmas, you only need to look at the label on the empty box.

Clues to Christmas

If your family enjoys puzzles and detective work, prepare a holiday mystery guessing game for them. To set this up, hide a special gift or holiday item somewhere in the house, and write up clues that allow them to guess what it is and where it might be hidden. Each day, they’ll get a different clue that leads them closer to the gift. These clues can also be hidden around the house in spots that are meaningful to your family. Labeling the clues with the number of days left before Christmas is not only a great way to keep track of the Christmas countdown, but also of the day of revelation, leaving your family feeling giddy with anticipation.

Christmas Advent Calendars

One way you can create an advent calendar is to make a calendar curtain with pockets labeled with the dates of December. Place a small adorable doll or any well-loved family item inside each pocket to mark the days.

You can also create a Christmas stocking advent calendar by hanging a few colorful socks along a clothesline hung by the mantel. Using your children’s favorite toys as date markers creates a delightful holiday spectacle.

Use any of these countdown ideas to create a cheerful atmosphere for your family this holiday season.

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