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How to Capture Great Christmas Photos

December 24th, 2012

So many warm and fun memories with loved ones are made every holiday season. Many times, though, we end up disappointed at how our photos inadequately portray the actual moments. Don’t fret! You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take great photos. Here are some tips on how to take lovely photo keepsakes of Christmas:

Getting Ready

Photo from wlscience via flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Photo from wlscience via flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

First things first – make sure that you’ve charged your batteries and you have enough free space in your camera’s memory card the day before you need them. Many moments are left uncaptured simply because of batteries or memory space running out!

Anticipate Perfect Moments

Don’t simply take pictures of people you asked to look at the camera and smile. Candid shots portray warm moments best so be on the lookout for little things happening around you like children gazing at gifts under the Christmas tree or grandma feeding the baby.

Look for the Best Shooting Spot

When you know it’s time for important moments like opening of presents, go to the center of action ahead of time and find the best spot where you won’t be blocked by a head or a chair when shooting.

Be Creative

Take shots from overhead. You can create depth and add interest to photos when taking them from various angles.

Avoid dead center shots. Use the “rule of thirds” in composing a picture. Imagine the frame to be divided into three parts horizontally and another three vertically. Now divided into nine equal squares, the frame has four intersections in the middle. These intersections will be the ideal placement of your subject. Using the “rule of thirds” in composing a shot is said to create more interesting and lively photos.

Use the Flash Wisely

Using too much flash indoors can create a bright glare that can give your subjects unnatural color. Use flash sparingly or look for other ways to provide ample light. To do this, you can turn on all the lights in a room or position your subject where it’s brightest. If you really need to use a flash, choose the flash exposure compensation option. Use faster film if you are using a camera with film or set a digital camera to a faster ISO setting to help you take great photos indoors or at night.

Check the White Balance

The white balance setting of your camera is important in capturing natural colors. Take some time to check your camera manual to find out how to change the setting to incandescent or indoor lighting when taking pictures indoors.

Zoom In On Your Subject

Zooming in on your subject can give photos a more personal feel. This focuses attention on your subject by removing unnecessary details.

Take Several Shots

Take at least two shots of a special moment if you are using film and more if you have the luxury of a digital camera.

Follow some of these simple guidelines to help you take interesting photos of your loved ones on Christmas day.

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