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The Christmas Bug List Infographic

Purchasing a real Christmas tree is like inviting the outdoors into your home. Natural trees provide fresh air, lush foliage, and a soothing scent; but do you know what else escorts your fresh pick into your household? BUGS! We have made a list (and checked it twice), showing you why you may want to opt […]

Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations

In some households, Christmas decorations account for a huge chunk of Christmas shopping money. Multiply this by each holiday season, and the total amount may equal even more than what could have been spent for a memorable holiday getaway with the family. Spending money on Christmas decorations may be an indication of how a family […]

Safety Tips for Pets this Christmas

Christmas is for the whole family including our beloved pets. Unfortunately, animals can get scared with all the lights, decorations and festivities happening during the holiday season. Here are tips on how you can help your pets enjoy Christmas as much as you do: Decorations and Plants Dogs will be dogs, and cats will be […]

Creative Ways to Count Down to Christmas

Start a Christmas Countdown with your family this year Only a few days away, Christmas is one of the most-anticipated celebrations of the year. Most people get so excited at the thought of Christmas that it’s hard not to keep track of how many days are left before the big day. Counting down to Christmas […]

Common Christmas Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

Christmas shopping is one of the most anticipated activities during the holiday season. But while it can be exciting, it poses the danger of being tedious and tiring. Here are some Christmas shopping mistakes that you should avoid to keep your shopping experience fun and enjoyable: Photo from via flickr. CC BY 2.0 Not […]