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Top 5 Recycled Christmas Tree Ornaments

December 21st, 2012

Are you trying to save on Christmas tree ornaments so you’ll have enough money for gifts? How about wanting to have an eco-friendly Yuletide season? You can start with these neat, recycled tree ornaments that are both fun and easy to make!

Light bulb ornaments. You can’t use a burned-out incandescent bulb for lighting again, but you can use them to make your Christmas bright! Take a bulb and paint a holiday scene. Make them shine by spray-painting them gold, silver, red, or blue for that metallic look. You can also try these with your old outdoor Christmas lights. Just be careful when handling them, though, as they can shatter when dropped.

Papier mache stars. Make a star shape using wire or old coat hangers. Cut old newspaper into strips, dip the strips in a mixture of flour and water, and wrap them around the star. After drying, color your star with non-toxic craft or spray paint. These stars are often sturdier than the ones you buy at the store, and are unbreakable too!

Photo from golden_lily via flickr. CC BY 2.0

Photo from golden_lily via flickr. CC BY 2.0

Styrofoam and paper snowflakes. You can use small, flat pieces of Styrofoam from take-out meals for decorating your trees. Trace little snowflakes on the Styrofoam, and cut using a blade or paper cutter. Coat the sides lightly with glue and sprinkle on some silver glitter. You can also do the same with small paper doilies: just spray a bit of nontoxic, transparent acrylic paint and add some glue and glitter. Paper origami snowflakes also add a personal touch to your lovely home. You can try any of these methods from YouTube for creating origami snowflakes out of paper. With these projects, you can have snowflakes that never melt and will last for a long time.

Doll angels. If your child has old Barbie or other movable dolls that are just lying around, you can use them to make angel toppers. Cut little wings out of paper. You can also make wings with old paperclips and leftover lace. Make robes out of scrap fabric, then use spray-on starch or another fabric stiffener. You now have a doll of an angel topper!

Off-beat options. For themed Christmas celebrations, try ornaments that suit the occasion and place. For a house of musicians, why not recycle old 45-rpm records? Punch a hole on one side, and string it through. You can also try it with cassette tapes for that low-fi mood. The colors alone should make your tree look brighter. For the geeks out there, take small printed circuit boards or chips. The green and gold boards should look great on white trees. String them up with red ribbons for added color.

Try any of these eco-friendly decoration ideas to add a unique touch to your Christmas.

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