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How to Recycle an Artificial Christmas Tree

January 21st, 2013

The Christmas tree has become a favorite emblem marking the coming of Christmas that a lot of innovations have been made to keep this cherished tradition. The artificial Christmas tree is one such development, aiming to help save real trees and provide imaginative options to consumers—the very reasons why more homeowners are savoring the tree’s long-lasting and realistic beauty. And when that charming artificial tree has already undergone the stresses of too many holiday seasons, it doesn’t even need to end up in the garbage bin.

Take your eco-friendliness a step further and recycle your artificial Christmas tree using the tips below. Armed with wire cutters and gloves for protection, along with some wires, ribbons, handicraft knick-knacks, and a lot of creativity, you can easily repurpose artificial trees as follows:

Create Mini or Tabletop Trees

The tops of full-sized trees are perfect versions of miniature and tabletop trees. Simply cut off the top part according to the height you desire then mount on a stable piece of styrofoam or a small block of wood. A bit of decorating here and there and you’ve got a tree to complement the new centerpiece of your home decor.

Make Personalized Wreaths or Garlands


Photo by 4028mdk09 via Wikimedia Commons. CC-BY-SA-3.0


Make a wreath or garland that is as large or as lush as you wish using the branches of your old artificial tree. Cut off longer pieces and arrange using wires on a store-bought wreath form.

This project is great for making Easter wreaths since you can customize it to look like a nest. This is also a wonderful opportunity to let your personality exude in your home décor since you can adorn it with your favorite color or mix of colors and also place cherished ornaments to embellish it. A large tree equals a lot of wreaths and garlands so this makes a lovely gift idea as well. Or if you wish to save up for a charity event this season, sell your home-made wreaths as a meaningful endeavor.

Transform into Christmas Tree Ornaments

Nature-inspired ornaments are very fashionable. Unleash your creativity and transform tree twigs into ornaments to hang on your new tree. Buy some styrofoam balls and glue some twigs entwined around the ball. If you’re handy with pliers, create ball and star shapes using some wire then glue twigs straight along the outline or twirl it around the wire for a more artistic effect. Add color and shine to the ornaments by interspersing ribbons or glitter with the pine twigs.

Use Branches and Leaves as Décor Accessories


Image by Simon Howden /


Bits and pieces of twigs and leaves can be used to add a holiday touch to other elements of your home design.  A sprig can be used as a ribbon for your dinner table napkins or can be placed to line baskets or glass bowls.

These ventures embody practicality and environmental awareness. So go ahead and flaunt that creative side of you.

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