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Tips for Arranging Flowers

January 28th, 2013

There’s a certain aura of vivacity that fresh flowers bring to any room. Having a vase of fresh roses on a table or an arrangement of carnations on a shelf can instantly make your home look more vibrant. Seeing flowers also reminds us to step back from our busy lives once in a while and appreciate nature.

Arranging fresh flowers can also be a great way for you to unwind and unleash your creativity. If you are eager to enjoy these simple pleasures, here are five ideas to consider when making a fresh and fabulous floral arrangement:


You may have the most gorgeous ensemble, but placing it in the wrong spot could prove disastrous. Decide on the location of your floral arrangement first to determine its dimensions.


Photo by Jina Lee via Wikimedia Commons. CC-BY-SA-3.0


If you are making a dining table centerpiece, use shorter stems and smaller blossoms so as not to have the piece obstruct your view across the table. Grander arrangements best fit the top of a corner table or display cabinet in living spaces, while simpler arrangements are great for adorning work areas.

Variety and Balance


Image by Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Choose a stunning array of flowers and leaves. Different colors, shapes, textures, and length of stems all contribute to a striking floral arrangement. These nuances add volume and character.

Achieve balance by distributing the flowers evenly so each element complements the entire piece.

Choose one or two types of large flowers and combine them with clusters of smaller ones. You can also go for flowers in one color but with different shades and textures to create a monochromatic look.

Arrange the leaves around the container first, add the large flowers next, then the smaller ones last. Place each element at an angle, adding or removing items, until you get the desired look. For a dramatic effect, let some of the leaves drape over the container.

Add variety, too, by using baskets with waterproof lining as well as teacups and other ceramics. These lovely containers give any arrangement a unique look. You can also jazz up ordinary clear vases by placing pebbles or colored glass beads in them to add style and also hide the floral foam.


Keep in mind that a simple bouquet with subtle hints of green can look just as elegant as any ensemble of loud, eye-catching elements. A single lily floating in a teacup, for instance, exudes serenity, and can be refreshing to the eyes.


Image by Dusky / FreeDigitalPhotos.net



Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from anything. Your floral arrangement can use elements from the sea such as shells and starfish in the vase, or elements from the rainforest such as flowers with vibrant patterns, and still look exquisite.

You can also use blooms from the current season. This allows you to create a masterpiece with items that are readily available. What is important is your ability to illustrate a lucid point of view with the various elements you use,and not just throw together a haphazard array of ornamental plants.


Beautiful floral arrangements would come to waste if they last for only a day or two. To preserve your masterpiece longer, use floral foam and add a floral preservative to the water. Make sure there is enough water, and replenish it every three or four days.

Before arranging flowers, remove leaves off the stems, and cut an inch off them diagonally so they would absorb water properly. Choose flowers that are only half-open so they would still continue to bloom. Place your masterpiece in a cool place and revel in its beauty.

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