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3 Creative Centerpiece Ideas for Everyday Entertaining

February 6th, 2013

Finding a centerpiece for your dinner party can be exhausting, especially if you’ve already run out of ideas after several get-togethers in the past. When you’re tired of the usual flower centerpiece for your table and you want to surprise your guests, you can use other ornamental pieces that are easily found in your home. These simple items can be turned into something fun, glamorous, or playful depending on how you decorate and use them. Here are three creative and easy-to-do alternatives to the usual flower centerpiece for your daily entertaining needs.



1. Candles

Candles make great centerpieces for everyday entertaining. Setting up a candle centerpiece is convenient and effortless since you can easily buy candles in bulk and store them in a cool, dry cupboard. The challenge, however, is to make your candle centerpiece really special. How do you do that?

Not a bowl of chocolates

For a simple yet classy look, you can use one big candle or a cluster of candles in various sizes to start with. Arrange them on a simple, white plate then place it at the center of your table. For a long, rectangular table, you can put them in one straight line, with the biggest candle in the middle and the smaller ones next to it. Right before dinner starts, light up all the candles for an elegant and intimate atmosphere.

If you want a more creative look for your candles, you can also set up a big bowl of floating candles in various colors as seen in Shelterness. Put them in elegant vases, glasses, or containers; enhance this centerpiece with colored water or ribbons. The colorful floating candles instantly grab the attention of your guests, giving you a convenient conversation-starter.

2. Candies

Sweet treats can double as adorable centerpiece materials for your parties or simple dinners. They can also be bought in bulk and in various colors.

For a children’s party, put candies in a fun, colorful ceramic bowl. Make the candies accessible by putting them in a wide, shallow bowl so that kids won’t have to ask adults every time they want a treat to get them one. Another tasty alternative is using marshmallows as a candy centerpiece. Available in pastel colors, marshmallows add a fun ambiance to your kid’s party.




You can also use a candy centerpiece for a grown-up event. When hosting a dinner party for your friends, select candies or chocolates individually wrapped in paper that matches the color of your decor. Put them in a clear glass bowl then place them at the center of your table. You may add ribbons or small flowers inside the bowl as accents.

3. Christmas Tree

Who says Christmas trees are only good for the holidays? You can use your old artificial Christmas tree as a centerpiece for your dinner table—but not the whole thing, though! Having something green brings a fresh and natural feel to your table.

For this tree centerpiece, take the topmost part of your Christmas tree (the one with the pointy end) and stick it in a small pot. Make sure that the soil is firm and can hold up your miniature tree for a long time. You can also use the branches of your artificial Christmas tree for a little diversity. Fill up bowls or vases with small branches then arrange them in the middle of the table.

fir tree


Ribbons, colorful paper, and decorative candle holders are also useful and fun centerpiece materials for your home. By using a little creativity with these centerpiece ideas, you can stop fretting about your decor for your next dinner party.

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