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Above and Under: Maximizing Your Storage Space

February 25th, 2013

No matter how many times I de-clutter, reorganize, and throw out unnecessary things, I still find myself with a handful of stuff that I need at a moment’s notice but I want to keep away from eyesight. Things like towels, paper files, books, and craft supplies take up too much space and always end up crammed in every available space in the house. At times, I just wish for additional storage areas to magically appear.

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The thing is, people do generally have enough space in our homes; we simply don’t know how to use it efficiently. To maximize your storage space, the trick is to look up and under.

Under the Tables and Chairs

The best areas to utilize when you need more storage space are the ones under tables and chairs. Using the place underneath your furniture enables you to conserve precious floor space while keeping the things you need within your reach.


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The area under your chairs is the best places to store your magazines and books. Grab any extra boxes you can find that will fit underneath your chairs. To make them easier on the eye, wrap them in colorful paper or light fabric. Now, you have storage for your magazines and books as well as extra throw pillows or newspapers.

You can do the same for under your tables, but since it’s a much wider and higher space, you can stack the boxes on top of each other.

Spaces on Top of Cabinets and Shelves

You can make use of the space between your ceiling and your cabinet, much like in this House Beautiful post. There, you can place your cookbooks, pots, pans, or empty jars, leaving the inside of your cabinet free for things you use every day.

Wall-mounted Shelves

Bookshelves take up floor space too, no matter how narrow they are. If you don’t have any square meter to spare, just mount shelves on your walls like this Country Living article. Wall-mounted shelves keep your books, DVDs, and picture frames organized and bring additional décor to your home. The best part is that they don’t waste space.

Pots and Pans


Use Your Bookshelves as Dividers

If you have a huge bookshelf lying around in your house, use it as a divider to create a private space in your home. Put away your extension cords, crafting tools, or gadget chargers in various woven boxes on the bookshelf. Fill the other boxes with books or vases to give the shelf an interesting twist.



With a little imagination, you can turn any area of your home into a storage space for your household materials. How about you? Do you have ideas on how to turn a place into a charming storage area?

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