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DIY Napkin Rings

February 18th, 2013


Among the many challenges of entertaining guests is bringing a new element to your dining table while staying practical. Having new napkin rings is an easy and convenient way of updating your table setting every time you invite friends and family over for dinner.

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Toilet Paper/Saran Wrap Tubes Napkin Rings

Don’t throw out those old tubes! Your toilet paper and saran wrap tube are perfect for your napkin ring project because they already form a circle, thus eliminating the need for shaping or casting.

Use burlap for your toilet paper tube project since it can be cut into small pieces to fit your tube. One toilet paper tube can make up to four napkin rings. Using a craft knife or any sharp-cutting tool, cut both the tube and the burlap into your desired size. With a glue gun, glue one end of the burlap onto the tube then slowly and carefully roll it around the tube to make sure that there are no creases or air bubbles.

sewing tools


You can use colorful fabric for your saran wrap tube because it’s sturdier and thicker than toilet paper tubes. You can glue buttons on the fabric-wrapped tube to make it livelier.

Covered Napkin Rings

If you’re tired of your plain old napkin rings, give them a boost by covering them in jute or twine. Sweet Something Design used jute to cover wooden napkin rings. For thinner napkin rings, you can use twine but you have to wound them really tight so that the napkin ring underneath won’t show. You can also wrap your napkin rings with ribbons.


jute covered napkin ring
By SweetSomethingDesign.blogspot.com


Covered napkin rings are easy to include in your table setting since they can match any color scheme or theme of your dinner party.


Wire-edged Ribbon Napkin Rings

This napkin ring is a breeze to make. Choose a specific color for your napkin ring; black or silver is a good idea because they can be easily matched with any decor. Cut the ribbon into your desired length and tie it around your napkin. The wire-edged ribbon will stay in shape even after your guests have used the napkins. What makes these napkin rings even better is that they’re affordable too.


Beaded Napkin Rings

Beads can make your napkin rings more artful. For this project, you’ll need a metal wire, beads (in various shapes and colors), and a pair of pliers. Shape the metal wire into a circle using a bottle of hairspray or a toilet paper tube. Then, thread your beads. Once done, use the pliers to crimp the edge down, thus locking your bead napkin ring.




You can also use an elastic cord, twine, or ribbon instead of the wire to give a slight pinched style to your napkins.

You can make your own napkin rings using materials you can find in your own home with these napkin ring DIY tips. Not only are these napkin rings affordable, but they can also be easily done, in about an hour or so, leaving you with time to freshen up before your guests arrive.

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