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Hassle-free Valentine’s Day Table Decorations

February 11th, 2013

Preparing for your Valentine’s Day dinner date with your loved one can take weeks to prepare, making it all the more stressful to keep everything just perfect. Remember, however, that Valentine’s Day is all about you and your significant other, so don’t let the stress of the season ruin it for you. You can get your Valentine’s Day decorating done in just a few hours and without much aggravation with a few select pieces.



Valentine’s Day and flowers have a direct correlation, making it easier for you to decorate your dining table. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, flowers are in excess so you’ll have no trouble using them for your table centerpiece. Red and white flowers symbolize romantic love and pure love, respectively, making them the ideal centerpiece choice for your Valentine’s date dinner. Add some baby’s breath to your red and white floral arrangement for a more romantic vibe.


orchids in vase


Roses, orchids, and daisies are the most common flowers for Valentine’s Day. They make the perfect accents to your Valentine’s dinner table with their simple beauty. Put them in long-neck vases or stout, clear jars then place them at the middle of the table as a centerpiece. You can also place a single flower next to your plates for a different yet still romantic table setting.

Valentine Wreaths

Yes, you can use wreaths during Valentine’s Day. They are the perfect go-to decoration piece for any occasion since they can easily be decorated in love-related ornaments.


Love Shape made with Straw Flower
Photo by Chockphoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


For your Valentine wreaths, take your green or white Christmas wreath out of storage and spruce it up for the event. Accessorize it using paper-cut hearts in red or pastel colors, ribbons, or candies. Afterwards, pick a space in your dining room where you can place it. Wreaths are pretty versatile and can be placed against doors, walls, or windows. Yu can even hang your Valentine wreath above your table to make a captivating and unique pendant-like décor.


Lovely Garlands

Make your dining table more attractive with these lovely garlands to add to your table cloth. Using this tutorial from A Lemon Squeezy Home, you’ll need to cut out hearts from felt paper then string them together using ribbons. Colors other than the usual red and pink can be used for this craft project.


paper heart


Use these garlands as accessories on your dinner table by draping them around your centerpiece. They can also be used as a table runner if you want something more creative for your dinner table.


Finish off your table setting with your favorite bottle of champagne or red or white wine, red-accented table napkins, and warm lighting. With these ideas, you can have a relaxed and romantic Valentine’s Day dinner date with a special someone.

If you know other ways to create a romantic, hassle-free table setting, share your own ideas here!

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