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Arrange the Perfect Pink Party

March 6th, 2013

She’s fun, she has an amazing wardrobe, and she loves pink. She’s Barbie and she’s celebrating her birthday on March 9th! If your daughter loves Barbie and shares the same birth month with her, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to throw your child a pink party.

Barbie Soft
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Here is a list of the things you need to make your child’s pink party a perfect one. You can also add your own ideas to the list.



Yes, your daughter likes the color pink, but the invitations also depend on her party’s theme. For a princess party, you can make invitation cards in the shape of crowns. You can also glue Japanese paper dolls on your daughter’s invitation cards if you want a more creative touch.


Decorating your home for your daughter’s party is easy and can be done using affordable materials and other things you can find in your home. Adorn your ceiling with pink helium balloons and let them float around. For the tables, you can fill a glass bowl with pink candies, giving it a dual function: it can act as the centerpiece and be a source of enjoyment for the kids.

Pink Balloon


You can make your daughter’s pink party even better by putting up a colored tree! Assemble your pink tree in one corner and place your daughter’s dolls underneath. Your daughter’s gifts can also be placed under the tree before being opened.



Cupcakes and birthday cakes with pink frosting are party favorites that suit little girls’ tastes. Another fun, tasty, pink treat is cotton candy. Place cotton candy on each table or set up a cotton candy stand for the kids. For drinks, serve strawberry or plum juice.

Cake and Gift Boxes
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Party Bags

Children love loot bags; they’re the best topper for a day of partying!

There are a lot of pink things to put in your party bags. Pink candy is an easy option, but for something more special, a small pink cupcake is a great idea. Add fun to your loot bag by putting in pink bead bracelets or a small pink teddy bear that you can buy in bulk. These are perfect gifts for the guests because they’re a long-lasting reminder of the fun everyone had.

Photo from Stuart Miles /


Your daughter can never have too many photos for her pink album so take as many pictures as you can! You can also put up a photo wall for her and her friends. Can you think up of other creative ideas you can use to organize a pink party your little girl will never forget?

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