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Make-Me Mondays: Japanese Paper Dolls

March 4th, 2013

The Christmas Tree Market blog introduces its new series, Make-Me Mondays. Every week, we’ll give you ideas on affordable, entertaining, and useful DIY projects you can do for your home.

March 3rd marks the day the Japanese celebrates their Doll Festival or Hinamatsuri. During the Doll Festival, Japanese families display decorative dolls in traditional court costumes on carpeted platforms to pray for the safety of their children.


Japanese Doll Day
Photo from Mosman Library via flickr, CC BY 2.0


Celebrate your own Hinamatsuri by making these simple, cute DIY Japanese paper dolls with your kids.

To make the Japanese paper dolls, you’ll need a pair of scissors, glue, cardstock or cardboard, washi paper with different designs, and black crepe paper for the doll’s hair. There are a lot of tutorials online, but the instructions from Uzume’s Crafty Goodness are simple and easy.

You don’t have to wait for Himamatsuri to enjoy these dolls, though. Here are some other uses for these versatile dolls.

An Entertaining Craft for Girls

These Japanese paper dolls are not only cute crafts that your kids can make, but also adorable entertainment for your little girls. Playing with paper dolls becomes more enjoyable if you create a stand for them.


Paper Doll Display
Photo from Paul Davidson via flickr, CC BY 2.0


Get a popsicle stick and glue it in between the kimono and the obi. Then grab any small square of Styrofoam you can find and, using a sharp knife, make a small cut on the foam which will serve as the stick’s stand. Voila! You now have a stand for your Japanese paper doll. You can also cover the foam in black or brown cloth to make it more presentable.

Bookmark It

Use your Japanese paper dolls as bookmarks. Since they’re made of soft, thin paper, they won’t damage the spine of your book. Again, you can attach a popsicle stick on your paper dolls to make them last longer and to give you something to hold on to while you’re turning the pages.

Delightful Artwork


Japanese Paper Doll Karuta
Photo from rumpleteaser via flickr, CC BY 2.0


These Japanese paper dolls can also be used as artwork. Simply paste one or two paper dolls on a white sheet of paper then frame it. Hang it on a bare wall for a minimalist look. This Japanese paper doll artwork is best placed in your daughter’s bedroom or play room, or above her study desk. You can also make a watercolor painting then use that as the background for the paper dolls, a fun alternative to the ordinary artwork you usually find in stores.

Adorable Accessories

These versatile paper dolls can be used as accessories, too. Paste them on the cover of your greeting cards or invitations for a more interesting and livelier look. The paper dolls are perfect embellishments for invitations and greeting cards because of their lightweight quality and dainty appearance. You can also paste your Japanese paper dolls on party hats, paper mats, art projects, and more.


Make an ordinary day fun for you and your daughter with these Japanese paper dolls. And if by chance you make too much, you can always give them to your daughter’s friends.

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