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Make-Me Mondays: Quilt a Christmas Tree Skirt

March 11th, 2013

Challenge yourself this month by quilting your own Christmas tree skirt!

The third Saturday of March is National Quilting Day, a day to celebrate quilting as a fun activity. And as avid DIY-ers, we know that this day is just too good to pass up. Let’s make this day special by quilting the Make-Me craft this week: a Christmas tree skirt.

Aran Tree Skirt Opening Detail
Photo from happyskrappy via flickr, CC BY 2.0


Quilting your own Christmas tree skirt is a fun and easy activity for National Quilting Day. Since it’s a small quilting project, you can finish it in a day. To make the event more enjoyable, invite your friends over for a quilting party so you can share design patterns, ideas, and cookies!

This Christmas tree skirt quilt requires more work than most craft projects but this step-by-step tutorial from Sew4Home helps make it easier.

Decide on Your Quilt’s Pattern

Before making your tree skirt quilt, you must decide on your design. A simple red tree skirt is easier to make and requires less fabric patterns than others, while a reindeer-covered skirt requires felt fabric and other trimmings.

Tree Skirt
Photo from starshaped via flickr. CC BY 2.0


To help you decide on which pattern to make, think about your previous Christmas tree decoration. Choose a skirt pattern that will go well with the ornaments you already have on hand. For example, if the previous theme of your tree is red and gold, a quilt pattern of red, white, and gold fabric will work well. Another way to get inspiration for your patterns is to pick a color that is a recurring theme in your trees. A simple green tree skirt matches the color of classic trees while white is a great color that blends well with the angel on top of your tree.

For other trimmings, you can download quilt patterns from the Internet that you can use to trace angels, stars, and reindeer. This post from TLC has a variety of patterns that you can try for your own tree skirt.


Check the Size of the Tree Skirt

The measure of the quilt depends on what size you want your tree skirt to be. For a small tree or a small space, a 48-inch skirt is suitable while a 56-inch one is perfect for classic evergreen trees.

Since you’re quilting your own tree skirt, you get to decide exactly how big it needs to be. If needed, take your artificial tree out of storage and use the stand to check the circumference for the skirt. Make sure that it is neither too big nor too small and that it will fit the space you usually reserve for your Christmas tree.

Christmas Texture
Photo from Phantasy Photo via flickr. CC BY 2.0


You can also ask help from your local quilting store for patterns, ideas, and tips that you can use. Feel free to share your patterns with the rest of us through the comments!

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